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It's not just about the numbers, we know what your money and business needs. 


3XB Holding Group started in Anchorage Alaska. We are a holding corporation to many small locally owned businesses. There are also a couple businesses outside of Alaska. We manage a couple non-profits as well as for profit businesses.


A few of the businesses that we own and manage are TLC Home Care, The Alaska Revival Center, Signet Ring Bible College, Signet Ring Vocational Center, House of Transformations, HOT Beauty Center and School, Aloha TLC Home Care, Aloha Behavioral Health and Home Care Services, PIMHA, AKIEP and a few more to come within the next couple of years.

TLC Home Care, LLC.

TLC Home Care is located in Alaska and is one of the first businesses under 3XB management. TLC Home Care is a for profit business and offers services and employment to Anchorage, Matsu Borough, Fairbanks, North Pole, and the entire Kenai Peninsula. There are offices in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Soldotna. TLC is a member of the Chamber of Commerce for all 3 cities and has contracts for local Hospitals at all 3 locations.

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Aloha TLC Home Care is a sister branch of TLC Home Care. Located in Kamuela/ Waimea, Big Island, HI. This office was opened in 2016 a year after TLC Home Care went in business. This is a for profit business providing Care services and employment for the community. This office serves the entire Big Island.

Aloha Behavioral Health and Home Care services is a non-profit office located on Oahu in Honolulu. This office was opened in April of 2021. We provide Care services and employment for all of Oahu.

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The House of Transformations is a non-profit organization located and started in Anchorage Alaska. We provide safe and sober living and resources to those recovering from addiction, battling homelessness, and coming out of jail reentering society. We are faith based and family oriented as all of our businesses are.


We have 3 transitional houses. One for Federal contract, one for general population, (Males only), and one for our women's, (both Federal and general population. We provide resources such as spiritual support, housing, group therapy, and much more. Learn more <-------------------

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Signet Ring Vocational Center broke off from House of Transformations, a transitional housing and sober living program. Most of our programs are developed around trauma informed care, person centered focus and we address the need to understand adverse childhood experiences.

We are increasing the capacity for men and women to learn skills and strengthen the workforce. With Covid19 and the shortage of workers, the resolution and need for a stronger workforce is absolutely vital to our economy right now. Workforce development as well as academic is one of our goals. Supplemental courses, high school completion and life skills classes are a necessary step of enriching our students to prepare them for the workforce ahead. Learn more <----------------------

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